A Discord bot library written in C++, with custom asynchronous coroutines.
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Hello, and welcome to DiscordCoreAPI! This is a Discord bot library, written in C++, that leverages custom asynchronous CoRoutines, as well as a home-brew set of Https, WebSocket, and Datagram socket clients - all to deliver the utmost performance and efficiency for your bot. It uses roughly 0.1% of an Intel i7 9750h CPU to stream audio in high quality (Opus @ 48Khz, 16-bit) to a single server.




Discord Server

This is a link to the Discord server!

Bot Template

A template for utilizing this library.



CPU Efficient

  • It only uses about 0.1% of an Intel i7 9750h to stream audio in high quality (Opus 48Khz 16-bit Stereo) to a single server.

Entire Discord API Covered

  • All of the Discord API endpoints are covered in this library, including voice communication.

Concurrent Discord API Access

Advanced Rate-Limiting System

  • Guarantees that the order in which HTTP requests are executed is the same that they were submitted in - despite being launched across different threads, while never infracting on any of the Discord API's rate-limits and while running concurrently across all of the endpoints.

Slash Commands and Buttons

Select Menus

User Commands

Message Commands

Modal Text Inputs

A Unified "Input-Event" System

Supported Platforms

  • This library currently supports being built within Visual Studio 2022/MSVC on the Windows platform as well as g++ 11 on the Linux platform.

Build Instructions (Full-Vcpkg)

  • Install vcpkg, if need be.
  • Make sure to run vcpkg integrate install.
  • Enter within a terminal vcpkg install discordcoreapi:x64-windows_OR_linux.
  • Set up a console project in your IDE and make sure to set the C++ standard to C++20 or later - and include discordcoreapi/Index.hpp.
  • Build and run!


  • CMake (Version 3.20 or greater)
  • NOTE: I installed these using the vcpkg installer.
  • FFMPEG (.\vcpkg install ffmpeg:x64-windows_OR_linux)
  • SimdJson (.\vcpkg install simdjson:x64-windows_OR_linux)
  • OpenSSL (.\vcpkg install openssl:x64-windows_OR_linux)
  • Opus (.\vcpkg install opus:x64-windows_OR_linux)
  • Sodium (.\vcpkg install libsodium:x64-windows_OR_linux)

Build Instructions (Non-Vcpkg) - The Library

  • Install the dependencies.
  • Clone this git repository into a folder.
  • Set, in CMakeLists.txt, the <DEPENDENCY>_INCLUDE_DIR, <DEPENDENCY>_DEBUG_ROOT and <DEPENDENCY>_RELEASE_ROOT paths to wherever each of the respective dependencies are located - setting the <DEPENDENCY>_DEBUG_ROOT folder to wherever the debug version of the .lib file is, the <DEPENDENCY>_RELEASE_ROOT folder to wherever the release version of the .lib file for the library is, and the <DEPENDENCY>_INCLUDE_DIR to whichever directory contains the public headers for the library.
  • Open a terminal inside the git repo's folder.
  • Run cmake -S . --preset Linux_OR_Windows-Debug_OR_Release.
  • Then run cmake --build --preset Linux_OR_Windows-Debug_OR_Release.
  • Run within the same terminal and folder cmake --install ./Build/Debug_OR_Release.
  • The default installation paths are: Windows = "ROOT_DRIVE:/Users/USERNAME/CMake/DiscordCoreAPI", Linux = "/home/USERNAME/CMake/DiscordCoreAPI"

The CMAKE Package

  • By running cmake --install ./Build/Debug_OR_Release, you will be given a cmake package, which can be used to build from this library, using other cmake projects.
  • It is used by setting DiscordCoreAPI_DIR to wherever the DiscordCoreAPIConfig.cmake file would have been installed on your system by having run the cmake --install command, and then using find_package() on DiscordCoreAPI.
  • When found, you will be granted the following cmake "variables"; DiscordCoreAPI::DiscordCoreAPI - this is the library target which can be linked to from other targets in cmake, and on Windows; $<TARGET_RUNTIME_DLLS:DiscordCoreAPI-Bot> - which is a list of dll files to be copied into your executable's final location after building. As well as RELEASE_PDB_FILE_PATH, DEBUG_PDB_FILE_PATH, RELEASE_PDB_FILE_NAME, and DEBUG_PDB_FILE_NAME, which are full file/directory paths/filenames to the library's PDB files.
  • Here and here is an example of building an executable from this library with this method.

Build Instructions (Non-Vcpkg) - The Executable

  • Download the bot template or create your own with the same imports, and set within it either the path to the vcpkg base-directory, or the path to the DiscordCoreAPIConfig.cmake file that was created by the installation process before this and the same <DEPENDENCY>_INCLUDE_DIR, <DEPENDENCY>_DEBUG_ROOT and <DEPENDENCY>_RELEASE_ROOT values as before.
  • Download, install and run these following scripts after the call to project() but before trying to find the DiscordCoreAPI package. Such as here, and here.
  • Set up a main.cpp like this one, including the header discordcoreapi/Index.hpp.
  • Run in a terminal from within the same folder as the top-level CMakeLists.txt, cmake -S . --preset Linux_OR_Windows-Debug_OR_Release.
  • Then run cmake --build --preset Linux_OR_Windows-Debug_OR_Release.
  • Run within the same terminal and folder cmake --install ./Build/Debug_OR_Release.
  • The default installation paths are: Windows = "ROOT_DRIVE:/Users/USERNAME/CMake/Bot-Template-For-DiscordCoreAPI", Linux = "/home/USERNAME/CMake/Bot-Template-For-DiscordCoreAPI"


I am currently working on getting this thing to be used by people like you! So, if you have any suggestions for the library that would make it more usable - don't hesitate to let me know! I can be easily found on the Discord server that is linked to above! Cheers and thanks for your time!