A Discord bot library written in C++, with custom asynchronous coroutines.
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DiscordCoreAPI::ModifyGuildData Struct Reference

For modifying the properties of a chosen Guild. More...

#include <GuildEntities.hpp>

Public Data Members

Snowflake afkChannelId {}
 Id for afk channels.
AfkTimeOutDurations afkTimeout {}
 Afk timeout in seconds.
std::string banner {}
 Base64 16 : 9 png / jpeg image for the Guild banner (when the server has the BANNER feature).
DefaultMessageNotificationLevel defaultMessageNotifications {}
 Default message notification level.
std::string description {}
 The description for the Guild, if the Guild is discoverable.
ExplicitContentFilterLevel explicitContentFilter {}
 Explicit content filter level.
std::vector< std::string > features {}
 Array of Guild feature strings enabled Guild features.
Snowflake guildId {}
 Id of the chosen Guild to modify.
std::string icon {}
 Base64 1024x1024 png / jpeg / gif image for the Guild icon (can be animated gif when the server has the ANIMATED_ICON).
std::string name {}
 Desired name of the Guild.
Snowflake ownerId {}
 User id to transfer Guild ownership to (must be owner).
std::string preferredLocale {}
 The preferred locale of a Community Guild used in server discovery and notices from Discord; defaults to "en-US".
bool premiumProgressBarEnabled { false }
 Whether or not the progress bar is enabled.
Snowflake publicUpdatesChannelId {}
 The id of the Channel where admins and moderators of Community guilds receive notices from Discord.
std::string reason {}
 Reason for modifying the Guild.
Snowflake rulesChannelId {}
 The id of the Channel where Community guilds display rules and /or guidelines.
std::string splash {}
 Base64 16 : 9 png / jpeg image for the Guild splash (when the server has the INVITE_SPLASH feature).
SystemChannelFlags systemChannelFlags { 0 }
 System Channel flags.
Snowflake systemChannelId {}
 The id of the Channel where Guild notices such as welcome messages and boost events are posted.
VerificationLevel verificationLevel {}
 Base64 16 : 9 png / jpeg image for the Guild discovery splash(when the server has the DISCOVERABLE feature).

Member Data Documentation

◆ verificationLevel

VerificationLevel DiscordCoreAPI::ModifyGuildData::verificationLevel {}

Verification level.

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