A Discord bot library written in C++, with custom asynchronous coroutines.
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DiscordCoreAPI::CreateFollowUpMessageData Class Reference

For creating a follow up Message. More...

#include <InteractionEntities.hpp>

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- Public Member Functions inherited from DiscordCoreAPI::ExecuteWebHookData
ExecuteWebHookDataaddAllowedMentions (AllowedMentionsData dataPackage)
 For setting the allowable mentions in a response.
ExecuteWebHookDataaddButton (bool disabled, const std::string &customIdNew, const std::string &buttonLabel, ButtonStyle buttonStyle, const std::string &emojiName="", Snowflake emojiId=Snowflake{}, const std::string &url="")
 Adds a button to the response Message.
ExecuteWebHookDataaddComponentRow (ActionRowData dataPackage)
 For setting the components in a response.
ExecuteWebHookDataaddContent (const std::string &dataPackage)
 For setting the content in a response.
ExecuteWebHookDataaddFile (File theFile)
 Adds a file to the current collection of files for this message response.
ExecuteWebHookDataaddMessageEmbed (EmbedData dataPackage)
 For setting the embeds in a response.
ExecuteWebHookDataaddModal (const std::string &topTitleNew, const std::string &topCustomIdNew, const std::string &titleNew, const std::string &customIdNew, bool required, int32_t minLength, int32_t maxLength, TextInputStyle inputStyle, const std::string &label="", const std::string &placeholder="")
 Adds a modal to the response Message.
ExecuteWebHookDataaddSelectMenu (bool disabled, const std::string &customIdNew, std::vector< SelectOptionData > options, const std::string &placeholder, int32_t maxValues, int32_t minValues, SelectMenuType type, std::vector< ChannelType > channelTypes=std::vector< ChannelType >{})
 Adds a select-menu to the response Message.
ExecuteWebHookDatasetTTSStatus (bool enabledTTs)
 For setting the tts status of a response.
- Public Data Members inherited from DiscordCoreAPI::ExecuteWebHookData
Snowflake threadId {}
 Send a message to the specified thread within a webhook's Channel. The thread will automatically be unarchived.
bool wait {}
 Waits for server confirmation of message send before response, and returns the created message body.

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