A Discord bot library written in C++, with custom asynchronous coroutines.
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DiscordCoreAPI::Guild Class Reference

A discord Guild. Used to connect to/disconnect from voice. More...

#include <GuildEntities.hpp>

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Public Data Members

Snowflake afkChannelId {}
 Channel if of the "afk" Channel.
AfkTimeOutDurations afkTimeOut {}
 Time for an individual to time out as afk.
Snowflake applicationId {}
 The current application id.
int32_t approximateMemberCount {}
 Approximate member count.
int32_t approximatePresenceCount {}
 Approximate quantity of presences.
IconHash banner {}
 Url to the Guild's banner.
std::vector< Channelchannels {}
 Channels of the Guild.
DefaultMessageNotificationLevel defaultMessageNotifications {}
 Default Message notification level.
StringWrapper description {}
 Description of the Guild.
IconHash discoverySplash {}
 Link to the discovery image's splash.
std::vector< EmojiDataemoji {}
 Emoji of the Guild.
ExplicitContentFilterLevel explicitContentFilter {}
 Explicit content filtering level, by default.
std::vector< StringWrapper > features {}
 List of Guild features.
std::vector< GuildScheduledEventguildScheduledEvents {}
 Guild scheduled events of the Guild.
int32_t maxMembers {}
 Max quantity of members.
int32_t maxPresences {}
 Max number of presences allowed.
int32_t maxVideoChannelUsers {}
 Maximum quantity of users per video Channel.
std::vector< GuildMembermembers {}
 Stickers of the Guild.
MFALevel mfaLevel {}
 MFA level.
GuildNSFWLevel nsfwLevel { GuildNSFWLevel::Default }
 NSFW warning level.
Permissions permissions {}
 Current Permissions for the bot in the Guild.
StringWrapper preferredLocale {}
 Preferred locale, for voice chat servers.
int32_t premiumSubscriptionCount {}
 Premium subscription count.
PremiumTier premiumTier {}
 What is the premium tier?
std::unordered_map< uint64_t, PresenceUpdateDatapresences {}
 std::map of presences for each GuildMember.
Snowflake publicUpdatesChannelId {}
 Id of the public updates Channel.
StringWrapper region {}
 Region of the world where the Guild's servers are.
std::vector< Roleroles {}
 Roles of the Guild.
Snowflake rulesChannelId {}
 Channel id for the Guild's rules Channel.
IconHash splash {}
 Url to the Guild's splash.
std::vector< StageInstancestageInstances {}
 Stage instaces of the Guild.
std::vector< Stickerstickers {}
 Stickers of the Guild.
SystemChannelFlags systemChannelFlags {}
 System Channel flags.
Snowflake systemChannelId {}
 Channel id for the Guild's system Channel.
std::vector< Channelthreads {}
 Threads of the Guild.
StringWrapper vanityUrlCode {}
 Vanity Url code, if applicable.
VerificationLevel verificationLevel {}
 Verification level required.
WelcomeScreenData welcomeScreen {}
 Welcome screen for the Guild.
Snowflake widgetChannelId {}
 Channel id for the Guild's widget.
- Public Data Members inherited from DiscordCoreAPI::GuildData
std::vector< Snowflake > channels {}
 Array of Guild channels.
DiscordCoreClientdiscordCoreClient { nullptr }
 A pointer to the DiscordCoreClient.
std::vector< Snowflake > emoji {}
 Array of Guild channels.
GuildFlags flags {}
 Guild flags.
std::vector< Snowflake > guildScheduledEvents {}
 Array of Guild channels.
IconHash icon {}
 Url to the Guild's icon.
TimeStamp joinedAt {}
 When the bot joined this Guild.
uint32_t memberCount {}
 Member count.
std::vector< Snowflake > members {}
 Array of GuildMembers.
StringWrapper name {}
 The Guild's name.
Snowflake ownerId {}
 User id of the Guild's owner.
std::vector< PresenceUpdateDatapresences {}
 Presence states for each of the GuildMembers..
std::vector< Snowflake > roles {}
 Array of Guild roles.
std::vector< Snowflake > stageInstances {}
 Array of Guild channels.
std::vector< Snowflake > stickers {}
 Array of Guild channels.
std::vector< Snowflake > threads {}
 Array of Guild channels.
VoiceConnectionvoiceConnectionPtr { nullptr }
 A pointer to the VoiceConnection, if present.
- Public Data Members inherited from DiscordCoreAPI::DiscordEntity
Snowflake id {}

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from DiscordCoreAPI::GuildData
VoiceConnectionconnectToVoice (const Snowflake guildMemberId, const Snowflake channelId=Snowflake{}, bool selfDeaf=false, bool selfMute=false, StreamInfo streamInfo=StreamInfo{})
 For connecting to an individual voice channel.
- Public Member Functions inherited from DiscordCoreAPI::DiscordEntity
std::string getCreatedAtTimestamp (TimeFormat timeFormat)
 Converts the snowflake-id into a time and date stamp.

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