A Discord bot library written in C++, with custom asynchronous coroutines.
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DiscordCoreAPI::MessageData Class Reference

Data structure representing a single Message. More...

#include <FoundationEntities.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for DiscordCoreAPI::MessageData:

Public Data Members

std::unique_ptr< MessageDataOldreferencedMessage { std::make_unique<MessageDataOld>() }
 The referenced Message, to reply to.
- Public Data Members inherited from DiscordCoreAPI::MessageDataOld
MessageActivityData activity {}
 Message activity data.
ApplicationData application {}
 Application data.
Snowflake applicationId {}
 Application id.
std::vector< AttachmentDataattachments {}
 Array of attachment data.
UserData author {}
 The author's User data.
Snowflake channelId {}
 The Channel it was sent in.
std::vector< ActionRowDatacomponents {}
 Array of action row data.
std::string content {}
 The Message's content.
TimeStamp editedTimestamp {}
 The time at which it was edited.
std::vector< EmbedDataembeds {}
 Array of Message embeds.
int32_t flags {}
Snowflake guildId {}
 The id of the Guild the Message was sent in.
MessageInteractionData interaction {}
 Message Interaction data.
GuildMemberData member {}
 The author's Guild member data.
std::vector< ChannelMentionDatamentionChannels {}
 array of Channel mention data.
bool mentionEveryone {}
 Does the Message mention everyone?
std::vector< std::string > mentionRoles {}
 std::vector of "mention roles" ids.
std::vector< UserDatamentions {}
 Array of User data, for individual's that were mentioned.
MessageReferenceData messageReference {}
 Message reference data.
std::string nonce {}
bool pinned {}
 Is it pinned?
std::vector< StickerItemDatastickerItems {}
 Array of Message Sticker item data.
std::vector< StickerDatastickers {}
 Array of Message Sticker data.
ChannelData thread {}
 The Thread that the Message was sent in, if applicable.
TimeStamp timeStamp {}
 The timeStamp of when the Message was created.
bool tts {}
 Is it a text-to-speech Message?
MessageType type {}
 Message type.
Snowflake webHookId {}
 WebHook id of the Message, if applicable.
- Public Data Members inherited from DiscordCoreAPI::DiscordEntity
Snowflake id {}

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from DiscordCoreAPI::DiscordEntity
std::string getCreatedAtTimestamp (TimeFormat timeFormat)
 Converts the snowflake-id into a time and date stamp.

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