A Discord bot library written in C++, with custom asynchronous coroutines.
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DiscordCoreAPI::Thread Class Reference

Represents a single Thread. More...

#include <ThreadEntities.hpp>

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- Public Member Functions inherited from DiscordCoreAPI::DiscordEntity
std::string getCreatedAtTimestamp (TimeFormat timeFormat)
 Converts the snowflake-id into a time and date stamp.
- Public Data Members inherited from DiscordCoreAPI::Channel
Snowflake applicationId {}
 Application id of the current application.
std::vector< Snowflake > appliedTags {}
 The IDs of the set of tags that have been applied to a thread in a GUILD_FORUM channel.
std::vector< ForumTagData > availableTags {}
 The set of tags that can be used in a GUILD_FORUM channel.
int32_t bitrate {}
 Bitrate of the Channel, if it is a voice Channel.
int32_t defaultAutoArchiveDuration {}
 Default time it takes to archive a thread.
DefaultReactionData defaultReactionEmoji {}
 The emoji to show in the add reaction button on a thread in a GUILD_FORUM channel.
int32_t defaultThreadRateLimitPerUser {}
 The initial rate_limit_per_user to set on newly created threads in a channel.
IconHash icon {}
 Icon for the Channel, if applicable.
StringWrapper lastMessageId {}
 Id of the last Message.
TimeStamp lastPinTimestamp {}
 Timestamp of the last pinned Message.
ThreadMemberData member {}
 Thread member object for the current User, if they have joined the Thread.
int32_t messageCount {}
 An approximate count of Messages in a Thread stops counting at 50.
StringWrapper permissions {}
 Computed permissions for the invoking user in the channel, including overwrites.
int32_t rateLimitPerUser {}
 Amount of seconds a User has to wait before sending another Message.
std::unordered_map< uint64_t, UserDatarecipients {}
 Recipients, in the case of a group DM or m.
StringWrapper rtcRegion {}
 Real-time clock region.
ThreadMetadataData threadMetadata {}
 Metadata in the case that this Channel is a Thread.
StringWrapper topic {}
 The Channel's topic.
int32_t totalMessageSent {}
 Number of messages ever sent in a thread it's similar to message_count on message creation.
int32_t userLimit {}
 User limit, in the case of voice channels.
int32_t videoQualityMode {}
 Video quality mode.
- Public Data Members inherited from DiscordCoreAPI::ChannelData
SortOrderTypes defaultSortOrder {}
 Default sorting order for a forum thread.
ChannelFlags flags {}
 Flags combined as a bitmask.
Snowflake guildId {}
 Id of the Channel's Guild, if applicable.
uint32_t memberCount {}
 Count of members active in the Channel.
StringWrapper name {}
 Name of the Channel.
Snowflake ownerId {}
 Id of the Channel's owner.
Snowflake parentId {}
 Id of the Channel's parent Channel/category.
std::vector< OverWriteDatapermissionOverwrites {}
 Permission overwrites.
uint16_t position {}
 The position of the Channel, in the Guild's Channel list.
StringWrapper topic {}
 Channel topic.
ChannelType type { ChannelType::DM }
 The type of the Channel.
- Public Data Members inherited from DiscordCoreAPI::DiscordEntity
Snowflake id {}

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