A Discord bot library written in C++, with custom asynchronous coroutines.
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DiscordCoreAPI::StartThreadWithoutMessageData Struct Reference

For starting a Thread, not based on a Message. More...

#include <ThreadEntities.hpp>

Public Data Members

ThreadAutoArchiveDuration autoArchiveDuration { ThreadAutoArchiveDuration::Shortest }
 The duration before it is auto-archived, in minutes.
Snowflake channelId {}
 The Channel to start the Thread in.
Bool invitable { false }
 Whether non-moderators can add other non - moderators to a thread; only available when creating a private thread.
Int32 rateLimitPerUser { 0 }
 Integer amount of seconds a user has to wait before sending another message(0 - 21600).
String reason {}
 Reason for starting the Thread.
String threadName {}
 The name of the new Thread.
ThreadType type { ThreadType::Guild_Public_Thread }
 Type of Thread to create.

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