A Discord bot library written in C++, with custom asynchronous coroutines.
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discord_core_api::guild_data Class Reference

A discord guild. used to connect to/disconnect from voice. More...

#include <FoundationEntities.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

void disconnect ()
 For disconnecting from the current guild's voice channel.
- Public Member Functions inherited from discord_core_api::connect_to_voice< guild_data, discord_core_client, guild_members >
voice_connectionconnectToVoice (const snowflake guildMemberId, const snowflake channelId=0, bool selfDeaf=false, bool selfMute=false, stream_info streamInfoNew=stream_info{})
 For connecting to an individual voice channel. More...

Public Data Members

snowflake afkChannelId {}
 Id of afk channel.
uint32_t afkTimeout {}
 Afk timeout in seconds.
snowflake applicationId {}
 Application id of the guild creator if it is bot-created.
uint32_t approximateMemberCount {}
 Approximate number of members in this guild, returned from the get /guilds/id and /users/me/guilds.
uint32_t approximatePresenceCount {}
 Approximate number of non-offline members in this guild, returned sometimes.
jsonifier::string banner {}
 Banner hash.
jsonifier::vector< channel_datachannels {}
 custom guild emojis.
default_message_notification_level defaultMessageNotifications {}
 Default message notifications level.
jsonifier::string description {}
 The description of a guild.
jsonifier::string discovery {}
 Url to the guild's icon.
jsonifier::string discoverySplash {}
 Discovery splash hash; only present for guilds with the "discoverable" feature.
jsonifier::vector< emoji_dataemoji {}
 custom guild emojis.
explicit_content_filter_level explicitContentFilter {}
 Explicit content filter level.
jsonifier::vector< jsonifier::string > features {}
 Enabled guild features.
jsonifier::vector< guild_scheduled_event_dataguildScheduledEvents {}
 Scheduled events in the guild.
jsonifier::string icon {}
 Icon hash.
snowflake id {}
 Guild id.
time_stamp joinedAt {}
 When the bot joined this guild.
bool large {}
 True if this is considered a large guild.
uint32_t maxMembers {}
 The maximum number of members for the guild.
uint32_t maxPresences {}
 The maximum number of presences for the guild (null is always returned, apart from the largest of guilds).
uint32_t maxStageVideoChannelUsers {}
 The maximum amount of users in a stage video channel.
uint32_t maxVideoChannelUsers {}
 The maximum amount of users in a video channel.
uint32_t memberCount {}
 The number of members in this guild.jsonifier::string region{};///< Voice region id for the guild (deprecated).
jsonifier::vector< guild_member_datamembers {}
 custom guild emojis.
mfalevel mfaLevel {}
 Required mfa level for the guild.
jsonifier::string name {}
 Guild name (2-100 characters, excluding trailing and leading whitespace).
guild_nsfwlevel nsfwLevel {}
 Guild nsfw level.
bool owner {}
 True if the user is the owner of the guild.
snowflake ownerId {}
 Id of owner.
permissions_parse permissions {}
 Total permissions for the user in the guild (excludes overwrites).
jsonifier::string preferredLocale {}
 The preferred locale of a community guild; used in server discovery and notices from discord.
bool premiumProgressBarEnabled {}
 Whether the guild has the boost progress bar enabled.
uint32_t premiumSubscriptionCount {}
 The number of boosts this guild currently has.
premium_tier premiumTier {}
 Premium tier (server boost level).
jsonifier::vector< presence_update_datapresences {}
 Presences of the members in the guild.
snowflake publicUpdatesChannelId {}
 The id of the channel where admins and moderators of community guilds receive notices from discord.
jsonifier::vector< role_dataroles {}
 Roles in the guild.
snowflake rulesChannelId {}
 The id of the channel where community guilds can display rules and/or guidelines.
snowflake safetyAlertsChannelId {}
 The id of the channel where admins and moderators of community guilds receive safety alerts.
jsonifier::string splash {}
 Splash hash.
jsonifier::vector< stage_instance_datastageInstances {}
 Stage instances in the guild.
jsonifier::vector< sticker_datastickers {}
 custom guild stickers.
system_channel_flags systemChannelFlags {}
 System channel flags.
snowflake systemChannelId {}
 The id of the channel where guild notices such as welcome messages and boost events are posted.
jsonifier::vector< channel_datathreads {}
 All active threads in the guild that the current user has permission to view.
bool unavailable {}
 the flags for this guild. More...
jsonifier::string vanityUrlCode {}
 The vanity url code for the guild.
verification_level verificationLevel {}
 Verification level required for the guild.
voice_connectionvoiceConnection {}
 Voice connection potentially held by the current guild.
jsonifier::vector< voice_state_data_lightvoiceStates {}
 Voice states for the current guild_members.
welcome_screen_data welcomeScreen {}
 The welcome screen of a community guild, shown to new members, returned in an invite's guild object.
snowflake widgetChannelId {}
 The channel id that the widget will generate an invite to, or null if set to no invite.
bool widgetEnabled {}
 True if the server widget is enabled.

Member Data Documentation

◆ unavailable

bool discord_core_api::guild_data::unavailable {}

True if this guild is unavailable due to an outage.

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