A Discord bot library written in C++, with custom asynchronous coroutines.
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discord_core_api::thread_data Class Reference

Represents a single thread_data. More...

#include <FoundationEntities.hpp>

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- Public Data Members inherited from discord_core_api::channel_data
snowflake applicationId {}
 Application id of the group dm creator if it is bot-created.
jsonifier::vector< snowflakeappliedTags {}
 The ids of the set of tags that have been applied to a thread in a GUILD_FORUM channel.UILD_FORUM channel.
jsonifier::vector< forum_tag_dataavailableTags {}
 The set of tags that can be used in a GUILD_FORUM channel.
uint32_t bitrate {}
 The bitrate (in bits) of the voice channel.
uint32_t defaultAutoArchiveDuration {}
 Default duration, copied onto newly created threads, in minutes.
forum_layout_types defaultForumLayout {}
 the initial rate_limit_per_user to set on newly created threads in a channel. More...
default_reaction_data defaultReactionEmoji {}
 The emoji to show in the add reaction button on a thread in a G.
sort_order_types defaultSortOrder {}
 The default sort order type used to order posts in GUILD_FORUM channels. defaults to null.
channel_flags flags {}
 channel flags combined as a bitfiel
snowflake guildId {}
 The id of the guild (may be missing for some channel objects received over gateway guild dispatches).
jsonifier::string icon {}
 Icon hash of the group dm.
snowflake id {}
 The id of this channel.
snowflake lastMessageId {}
 The id of the last message sent in this channel (or thread for GUILD_FORUM channels).
jsonifier::string lastPinTimestamp {}
 When the last pinned message was pinned. this may be null in certain events.
bool managed {}
 For group dm channels: whether the channel is managed by an application via the gdm.join oauth2 scope.
thread_member_data member {}
 Thread_data member object for the current user, if they have joined the.
uint32_t memberCount {}
 An approximate count of users in a thread, stops counting at 50.
uint32_t messageCount {}
 Number of messages (not including the initial message or deleted messages) in a thread.
jsonifier::string name {}
 The name of the channel (1-100 characters).
bool nsfw {}
 Whether the channel is nsfw.
snowflake ownerId {}
 Id of the creator of the group dm or thread.
snowflake parentId {}
 For guild channels: id of the parent category for a channel (each parent category can contain up to 50 channels).d.
jsonifier::vector< over_write_datapermissionOverwrites {}
 Explicit permission overwrites for members and roles.
permissions_parse permissions {}
 computed permissions for the invoking user in the channel, including overwrites.
uint32_t position {}
 Sorting position of the channel.
uint32_t rateLimitPerUser {}
 Amount of seconds a user has to wait before sending another message (0-21600); bots.
jsonifier::vector< user_datarecipients {}
 The recipients of the dm.
jsonifier::string rtcRegion {}
 Voice region id for the voice channel, automatic when set to null.
thread_metadata_data threadMetadata {}
 Metadata in the case that this channel_data is a thread_data.
jsonifier::string topic {}
 The channel topic (0-4096 characters for GUILD_FORUM channels, 0-1024 characters for all others). thread.
uint32_t totalMessageSent {}
 Number of messages ever sent in a thread, it's similar to messageCount on message creation.
channel_type type {}
 The type of channel.
uint32_t userLimit {}
 The user limit of the voice channel.
uint32_t videoQualityMode {}
 The camera video quality mode of the voice channel, 1 when not present.

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