A Discord bot library written in C++, with custom asynchronous coroutines.
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discord_core_api::user_cache_data Class Reference

A single user_data. More...

#include <FoundationEntities.hpp>

Inherits discord_core_api::get_user_image_url< value_type >, and discord_core_api::flag_entity< value_type >.

Public Data Members

uint64_t accentColor {}
 The user's banner color encoded as an integer representation of hexadecimal color code.
jsonifier::string avatar {}
 The user's avatar hash.
jsonifier::string avatarDecoration {}
 The user's avatar decoration hash.
jsonifier::string banner {}
 The user's banner hash.
jsonifier::string discriminator {}
 The user's 4-digit discord-tag identify.
user_flags flags {}
 The public flags on a user's account.
jsonifier::string globalName {}
 The user's global name.
snowflake id {}
 This user's id.
premium_type premiumType {}
 The type of nitro subscription on a user's account.
jsonifier::string userName {}
 The user's username.

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